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Fury Animal Education

Services Overview

First-Rate Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on compassion by teaching children how to humanely treat and care for animals of all shapes and sizes.  Fury Animal Education facilitates connecting the concept with firsthand learning experiences. 

Classroom Presentation

The purpose of our classroom presentation is to introduce children to the concept of animal compassion and provide them access to hands-on interactions in a safe, controlled environment so they gain positive firsthand experiences.   

Depending on the classroom setting and school, our "animal ambassadors"  make the learning experience more interactive with live demonstrations on how to properly greet, pet, and walk a dog. 

The educational portion of our presentation lasts 45-minutes, followed by a 15-minute Questions & Answers portion.  In total, we ask for 60-minutes of your time and we promise that our program will be filled with learning and fun!

Public Speaking Request

If your audience seeks a motivational presentation on animal humanity rather than one focused on animal education, we have a service tailored for your needs! 

Sgt. White can speak to your school, company, or community group to share his experiences in the service and the positive impact dogs had on his recovery, as it relates to the importance of animal education in eradicating animal cruelty.

Comments from Previous Visits

"Dear Matthew, Thank you for coming to our class. I always loved your story or when Nike would jump at the TV if she saw a dog on it. Thank you for signing my swag. Thank you for everything." Ashley

"Dear Matthew and Nike, I wanted to thank you for coming and answering all of my questions. Also because you told me information on how having Nike has impacted your life. Thank you for helping me get a better understanding of your background of being a soldier in the military. You and Nike make a great team and look so cute together. Also I think of you as a barrier breaker. Finally thank you for being a strong, powerful, optimistic man for your family and country." Briana

"Dear Matthew, Thank you for coming into our class. You showed me so much with your leg. I learned so much on how Nike and your leg have impacted your life. You seemed as your leg never bothered you. If that was me I would be so uncomfortable. I love you feel confident in your leg. Speaking of Nike, I’m afraid of big dogs, but Nike showed me that there is nothing to be afraid of. Thank you again."  Angela

"Dear Matthew, I wanted to thank you for coming and sharing about your and Nike and for taking time out of your day and coming. I had a great time with you and Nike."  Jason

"Dear Matthew, Thank you for coming last Friday! You told us your story. I hope that your leg feels better. Also thank you for answering our questions. Also we enjoyed your answers. Also hope Nike wasn’t scare." Christian